You will recall that the team prayed for me at the last fellowship meeting of the team, and I told you at that time how I was able for the first time in 7/8 years to take a full breath and feel as though I had. Since then, I have been convinced that my healing was taking place slowly. I have been feeling better, day by day. When I went to see my Respiratory Consultant in June (at which I am always given a lung function test), my stats were as they always have been, no worse and no better, I was disappointed, and I shared with the lady, I felt and thought my stats ought to be better, she explained to me that the fact I was no longer having to take steroids, showed I was improved.


I have been convinced that my health is improving, I even feel good, this week I attended the Respiratory Clinic again, had my lung function test, the clinician looked slightly bemused, and said she had to check something and using a calculator she turned to me and said all the stats were has had been bar one, and this had improved by 17%, I didn’t understand the significance until I was with my consultant, who announced that this was virtually unheard of for patients with my condition. This stat reflected the blockage of my lungs and gas transfer. Thus I am breathing so much better.

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